Say Goodbye to Chipped Nails: Make rubber gloves part of your cleaning ritual

Say Goodbye to Chipped Nails: Make rubber gloves part of your cleaning ritual

largeHappy New Year and welcome to our first blog post! Welcome to our first blog post at Life on Mars Beauty. It’s been quite a long journey getting here and we are thrilled to bring to you beauty products that are clean from harmful chemicals, but also products that are beautiful and that deliver.

To kick things off let’s start by talking about nails. My own nails have gone from shellacked, stubby and split to long and natural mainly from using our 7 free nail polish.

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Yep, those are my nails before and these are my nails now.  Natural and Clean. The change is so noticeable that the woman who regularly does my manicures said, “It’s not what’s in it, it’s what’s NOT in it”, when asked about the importance of using products that are free of chemicals and toxins.

Girls with chipped nail polish clearly love their nails and aren’t part of some weird new beauty trend, but 9 times out of 10, they forget to wear their rubber gloves when cleaning.

For those that didn’t know this, nails are considered a modified part of the skin that with over-exposure to water can become fragile and crisp causing them to split, crack and break. Not to mention if you use cleansers to remove nasty grime, grease and gunk from your dishes, you’re stripping away layers of natural oils from your nails, making them even more vulnerable to breaking and tearing. So what can you do to prevent this and protect those lovely nails?

**Note to those with allergies to latex- this may not be for you (sorry)**

The solution: Rubber Gloves!

Not just for doing the dishes, rubber gloves are a MUST for any household chore. Used by women to protect their hands and nails since the 1960’s, vintage-rubber-glove-ad our Red Rubber Gloves are the perfect length, not quite Breakfast at Tiffany’s length but stopping just before the elbow, preventing the waterlogged mishap of those pesky short gloves. So, when you’re doing the dishes, you can get that water scalding hot without worrying about burning your precious skin while protecting your hands from harsh chemicals, all the more reason to love the glove!

For 2017, why not start the year off right by getting in the habit of donning a pair of rubber gloves before you start your housekeeping, you’ll be shocked by the longevity of even the most elaborate nail art. It’s hard to be buffed and painted to precision all the time, but I feel a sense of hope as I peer down at my hands and see gorgeous color splashed on the surface of my nails; Rubber gloves can keep the nails in the glorious state of impeccability.

Long live the lady like manicure…

– C. Sansone


oh yeah… here is another great reason to wear your gloves!

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